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Ajoblanco of Codium, Asparagus alpine sheep yogurt, almonds, smoked eel and shisha

Here are tomato

Pickled Quail with its mild dashi, herbs, mushrooms, lentils, and choisum great smith apple sorbet

Splashing pasta, vegetables and seafood sauce “Japan” Nespres, foam canons and passion fruit

MAIN === ====

Rib steak teriyaki with humus, pickled vegetables and sauce huacatay

Boned trotters with crunchy parmantier miso, artichokes and mushrooms

Hake kalamansi sauce, mashed sweet potato, mushrooms and gnocchi air citronella

Moixernó rice, eel and rabbit

===== ==== DESSERTS

Annealing fountain with melon and watermelon jam and nuts Crespià

Our version of The Banana Split

India: Mango and coconut curry

Cheesecake white chocolate Elder, chutney melon and citrus crumble

Bread, water and two glasses of wine

€ 18

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